Workshops & Lectures

Seize the opportunity to study with globally renowned instructors 
either from the comfort of your own home or live at the studio. 
All workshops will be streamed live via Zoom, the recordings will be available 
for a month after the workshops.

Workshop fees on a sliding scale:

1 Workshop | €29 - €45
1 Lecture | €29 - €45
Full Pass (11 Workshops & 1 Lecture) | €320 - €420

All workshops will be streamed live via Zoom, the recordings will be available for a month after the workshops.

Spots are limited

We want to make sure you get the chance to receive personal feedback from your instructors! That is why the workshop spots are strictly limited - both online and in the studio.
It's first come, first served - so don't wait too long!

 Friday, July 1 

2 - 3.30 pm CEST  | ONLINE

The Siren Project Fan Dialect: 
Between Fusion and Fan Dialect

With Katarzyna Lidia (The Siren Society, Poland)

During the workshop, we will learn Katarzyna Lidia's new choreography with a fan, which is based on dialect but also combines fusion elements (inspired by flamenco). It will be a good example on how to look for the boundaries between dialect and fusion - not only in terms of the steps themselves, but also how they are used, how we can interpreted music and also... how to play with our posture. The choreography can be used as whole or as independent combos.

You will need a dance fan (ca. 32 cm long) that opens easily

Level: Intermediate

4 - 5.30 pm CEST  | ONLINE

The Siren Project Manton Dialect: something old, something new!

With Agata Zakrzewska (The Siren Society, Poland)

This workshop is perfect for both experienced and newer manton aficionados. Agata is preparing some personal tips and tricks, interesting flourishes, details about hands and finger work for manton dialect, as well as upper body technique to help make your prop dancing smooth and effortless.
In addition to that, you will learn some brand new The Siren Project manton steps, never taught outside of Poland before!

Level: Beginner - Intermediate 

6 - 7.30 pm CEST  | LIVE & ONLINE

From the Inside Out - Custom Conditioning and Classic Bellydance Steps

With Elena & Theresa (DGFF Team, Germany)

Elena and Theresa have concocted a delicious mixture of theory, conditioning, drills and beautiful steps from the Jamila Salimpour step vocabulary for all dancers who wish to improve their technique and learn more about the roots of some classic Fusion and FCBD®Style steps.

Starting off with a mini-lecture about the Salimpour legacy, we will then take you through an effective conditioning routine in order to ideally prepare your muscles for what comes next. A short and sweet drill session will follow, giving you the chance to take your technique to the next level. The final section of the workshop will be dedicated to some of the iconic steps from the Jamila Salimpour step vocabulary, like the Basic Egyptian, Running Choo-Choo, Maya and more .

The Jamila Salimpour step vocabulary is current, thriving and a globally used stylisation of belly dance in both American classical cabaret and other styles. Theresa is Suhaila Level 2 and Jamila Level 2 certified and is pursuing her teaching license for Jamila Salimpour format.

Level: Open, for all dance styles

8 - 9.30 pm CEST  | ONLINE

Lecture: “Misconceptions: Colonial Postcard of Algerian women”

With Amel Tafsout (Maghreb Dance Network, Algeria / U.S.A.)

France had occupied Algeria since 1830—the occupation would last until 1962—When French colonial armies arrived in Algeria, they were accompanied by photographers. These photographers wanted to take pictures of Algerian women as they had imagined them: lounging in harems, trapped in the prison of their own homes, topless, sexually available. But when they reached the country, they encountered women whose bodies could not be seen. Algerian women were inaccessible to the photographers’ gaze.

These photographers hired models, often from the margins of society. In their studios, they used props and backdrops to create bedroom interiors, decorated spaces with hookahs, coffee pots and rugs to look like harems. They even placed bars on windows to produce a sense of imprisonment.

Amel Tafsout researched about this topic for many years and published an article about the impact of these colonial postcards on Algerian society but also about the abuse of these postcards by Western bellydancers in the US and Europe. 

Orientalism created a fantasy and a myth on Arab women that is based on the male exotic image that does not reflect the reality. 
That male Orientalism fascinated the Middle Eastern and North African dancers in the West.

This lecture about Misconceptions of Algerian Women in Colonial postcards is a beginning of an awakening and an awareness of what colonialism and neocolonialism can lead to: misconceptions and abuse.

 Saturday, July 2 

9 - 9.45 am CEST  | LIVE & ONLINE 

Wake Up Yoga

With Gudrun Herold (DGFF Team, Germany)

Start the day with a yoga session that will connect body, mind and spirit, and you will be able to go into the day centered and strengthened.

Level: Open

Free for all festival participants

10 - 11.30 am CEST  | ONLINE

Musicality for FCBD®Style

With Devi Mamak (Caravan Dance Company, Australia)

In this workshop Devi will give you the tools to become the physical manifestation of the music. We will look at music mapping, phrasing and intention using FCBD steps and combinations with a particular emphasis on some of Devi’s latest movement dialect. We will then put it together in a short drill choreography to one of Devi’s tunes from her latest album Ouroboros by Devi Mamak and the Caravan band.

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

12 - 1.30 pm CEST  | LIVE & ONLINE

Make it Beautiful! - Dramatic Turns & Fast Spins

With Eliana Hofmann (Offenbach, Germany)

We will focus on fine-tuning our slow dramatic FCBD® turns and
improving our fast FCBD® spins in this workshop and get tools for
developing strong skills for your dance posture as well as your turns in all bellydance styles.

We will go through important aspects dancers need to focus on, in order to develop strong technique for their turns and spins: posture, balance, preparation, core stability, arms and back muscles connection, foot positions, spotting, breathing.

We will practice our turns and spins in fluent, dynamic dance combinations, which will help you to make your FCBD®Style improvisation or your Fusion Bellydance repertoire even more beautiful!

We will be working with slow moves & turns from FCBD® vocabulary Level 2 and 3.

Level: Advanced beginners/intermediate in FCBD® or Fusion Bellydance

 2 - 3.30 pm CEST  | LIVE & ONLINE

Brain and  Body

With Valenteena Ianni (Rome, Italy)

In this first chapter of the “Dance for the Brain and Heart” series there will be the work for the brain and the body.  

Valenteena’s -brand new - routines mix several arm combinations with hips, chest shapes and body movements into the space, in order to develop harmony, softness and fluidity even at high speed. 
Training constantly with this kind of exercises will let you drill longer and with less effort for your concentration, allowing you to focus on details cleaning. 

You will face a non stop drilling session (bring water!), learning new fun combos you may want to add to your personal daily training.

Level: Intermediate

4 - 5.30 pm CEST  | LIVE & ONLINE

Inside Out - Performance Intention and Performance Persona

With Dani & Gudrun (DGFF Team, Germany)

Are you still thinking or are you already dancing? 
There are these special stage experiences that you will never forget. A dance that remains in the memory touches not only the audience, but also the dancers themselves. But what makes these performances, haflas or training sessions so special? And how can you create these special moments?

In this workshop, Dani and Gudrun invite you to develop a playful approach to the performance persona and intention of creating performances. You will learn various concepts and exercises from the fields of dance theatre, butoh and body experience, with which you will be able to bring your dance to the next level of consciousness.
Our imagination is a wonderful instrument that we can use to give more intensity and presence to our dance.

Whether you are working on your next solo or group improvisation, looking for ideas for your next choreography, or are just curious to experience more dance fun - this workshop is just right for all people who love to move!

Level: Open level, open dance style

 6 - 7.30 pm CEST  | ONLINE

Roots of Tribal

With Amel Tafsout (Maghreb Dance Network, Algeria / U.S.A.)

This workshop will introduce basic movements and steps, appropriate posture, arm-hand positions, hip combination and hip accentuation useful for North African Maghreb dance. 

Amel Tafsout will focus on drills to increase the feeling of the North African rhythms, enabling working in duets in a journey through the Maghreb.

Level: Open

 Sunday, July 3 

9.30 - 9.45 am CEST  | LIVE & ONLINE 

Warm Up Quickie

With Gudrun Herold (DGFF Team, Germany)

Get the day going with a quick warm up session that will get you ready for a day full of dance.

Level: Open

Free for all festival participants

10 - 11.30 am CEST  | ONLINE

Flamenco Stylisation in FCBD®Style and how to dance in 6/8

With Devi Mamak (Caravan Dance Company, Australia)

In this workshop Devi will go over some of the original flamenco stylisations that is so popular in FCBD style as well as learn some brand new Movement dialect fresh from Devi’s new DVD. We will then take these steps and learn how to manipulate them into 6/8 time. It’s easy once you know how!

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

 12 - 1.30 pm CEST  | LIVE & ONLINE

Heart and Soul

With Valenteena Ianni (Rome, Italy)

In the second chapter of the “Dance for the Brain and Heart” series we'll work for our heart: Valenteena will share some combinations in which every gesture will have a meaning and depth. 

The final mini-choreography we will build with these combos will show its own story that will have different interpretations based on everyone sensitivity. You will be asked to add your personal stylization to it trying to tell a different story on other music tracks. It will be mesmerizing.

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

2 - 3.30 pm CEST  | LIVE & ONLINE

Desert Rose - Modern Middle Eastern meets Fusion Bellydance

With Eliana Hofmann (Offenbach, Germany)

Raqs Sharqi meets Fusion Bellydance to the timeless tune of „Desert Rose“ by Sting. Unique, glowing, touching, graceful - join this workshop to experience and to live the empowering beauty of bellydance! 

Explore the typical technique and combinations from classical Middle Eastern dance in a blissful, exciting composition with Fusion Bellydance.

Level: Intermediate

"Dancing is surely the most basic and relevant of all forms of expression. Nothing else can so effectively give outward form to an inner experience."
Lyall Watson